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Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone At Mayor Ford

The Star in my opinion has decided that they do not care what the rules are concerning the mayor’s rights to remain in office, or whether their approach to getting him removed is legal, ethical, or in violation of his rights under Canadian law. Continue reading

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Is Canada’s Confederation Worth The Effort, Or Our Tax Dollars?

I said it earlier and I will say it again, “I live in Quebec and try as I might I never know what law to follow; do I follow the laws of Canada , or the laws of Quebec when they are in conflict? What I know for sure is breaking either will get you in serious trouble, so what is a person to do? Continue reading

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Six Sitting Female Premiers And Counting / Needed One Female Prime Minister

I think that women such as our six female Premiers are what this country needs to bring respect and honor back into politics and I hope that in the near future we as Canadians will elect a female Prime Minister that will allow us to right all the wrongs that have been done of late in terms of foreign aid and diplomacy in the name of being seen as a warring nation and a nation who wishes to offer aid to suffering nations to only those who have something to offer Canada in return economically, in the form of trade deals. Continue reading

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Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles And The Abusers Of Women And Children Have Nothing to Fear in Quebec

I would venture to say that Quebec seems to be trying to attract bad apples by its actions, when murderers, rapists, pedophiles and the abusers of women and children have nothing to fear in Quebec in terms of punishment for their crimes. Continue reading

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No Pardons, No Rehabilitation, No Job Training = Higher Crime Rate Not Crime Prevention

If you make it hard for me to get and education and thereby make it impossible for me to find work and feed my family, cloth them and provide them shelter I will find all of these things in the only way that is left to me and if this means taking it from you and your children this is what will happen Continue reading

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A Visit To Kingston In The Summertime

From the Costco where I bought my new video camera to the people in the ice cream, parlour and the lady who sold me the paintings I would like to say what a delight you are, how courteous you are and how easy you made it for a person like me to spend a day in your city. I would encourage all who like to travel to spend at the very least one day in Kingston Ontario Continue reading

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Politics Asside All Levels Of Canadian Government Are Failing Canadians

Municipally, provincially and federally this great country of ours and our people are being over taxed and ill-served. The fact is that the level of mismanagement of tax payer money is now bordering on criminal. One only has to look at the situation in Montreal to see that all governments are doing it shamelessly. Continue reading

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