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Dr. Henry Morgentaler What Have You Done?

For him to have made a living solely on the death of unborn children and to have spent a lifetime fighting to give the right to do so to every Canadian women no matter what the circumstance is not something we should be praising him for, but something that we should be praying for his eternal soul to be forgiven for. Continue reading

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I Did Not Forget Rememberance Day / I Am Thankful Everyday

Our government has treated our veterans in a shameless way. So this year in a personal protest I bought my poppy and said a prayer for the fallen and the living veterans of Canada and the many veterans all over the world and their families. I prayed for an end to all of these senseless wars and the killing and suffering that wars bring. I prayed for peace and the end of war so that there would be no need for veterans and widows of war and the crippling effects of war. I prayed for the day that there would be no longer a need for Veterans Affairs, in my house, alone. Continue reading

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I Will Have To Take Your Camera Says Welcome Hall Mission Volunteer

I understand the right to privacy, but places like the Welcome Hall Mission need to understand that they are part of a large community and what they do in their place, their building affects the whole neighbourhood. If these men are indeed ex-cons as I know a lot of them are and they are getting help there that is all good, but this kind of sanctioned heavy-handed treatment of people does not dot The Welcome Hall Mission, or the people they are trying to help any good. Continue reading

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Israeli Apartheid Week / If The Shoe Fits

Israeli Wall  I do not get it; What is the rest of the world supposed to think of a nation that builds walls and separates families, has racist policies,and is committing genocide.  Shall the world rewrite the dictionary so that it … Continue reading

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Israelis, Nazis, or Taliban? A Rose is A Rose is A Rose

The support you got was not because you were a military might, but because your allies tried to give a peaceful people an equal shot at maintaining a homeland in a hostile environment. Israelis in my opinion have manipulated and perverted their circumstances to grab more land unjustly and do their best to keep hostilities going and try to make the other nation in the region look like the aggressors. This worked for a while, but the world is starting to see the truth and has begun to react. Continue reading

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