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Should The Sins Of The Father Ever Be Forgotten?

I believe that until people are just seen as people there can be no peace and the world with its rapid information highway (the internet), its nuclear ability to destroy the world and its biological warfare capability will remain on a course of the total obliteration of all mankind. Continue reading

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Has Adolf Hitler Been Reborn In Benjamin Netanyahu And Have The German Sheep Been Replaced By The Sheep Of Israel?

The Swastika of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was just a symbol neither good or bad until it became associated with the atrocities of the holocaust. If Israel keeps slaughtering little children and innocent civilians how long do you think before the Star of David, becomes as reviled a symbol of shame as the Swastika is today and the leaders of Israel are hunted all over the world as perpetrators of crimes against humanity? Continue reading

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Map Of Africa Reveals Western Alliances True Agenda In The Politics Of Africa

  I must confess to not being good when it comes to maps and geography  and as such could not see the forest for the trees. All this time I have been wondering why the sudden concern for Africa and its … Continue reading

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