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Canada Day Okay, But Proud Of What?

I will say it again Canada does not need to be so proud that it has gotten older, but not wiser. We as people have given up the very things that made us special all over the world and yes we do better than most, but is that really good enough? Continue reading

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Vic Toews And Jason Kenney, Spend Ten Million Dollars To Answer Question, What Makes A Terrorist Become A Terrorist?

Vic Toews, Public Safety Minister, and Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Prime minister Stephen Harper need look no further than a mirror to find out why people become terrorists. They are sowing the seeds for such actions everyday. Continue reading

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Joe Oliver, Minister Of Natural Resources Takes Pot Shots At Protesting Stars

Remember when it was said during the soft wood lumber pay off to which Harper gave the USA $5 billion dollars with a promise to then president George W. bush to deliver to the USA 70% of Canada’s oil and gas? Harper said it was all not true and he had made the best deal for Canada in a realistic way. Well I say he was a liar to deny the deal and this is the proof. Continue reading

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Moving Day Comes And Goes In Quebec And Quebecers Handled It Well!

Now some would say that because the day was switched to because of a Jérôme Choquette of the Quebec Liberal Party, that it was not a Separatist plot at all to make the Canada celebrations less, but a way to ease the pressures and stresses on the children attending school. Well I still ask why not August 1st? Let us not forget that it was Quebec Liberals that gave us Bill 101 and we all know what was behind that.

Continue reading

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Words That Go Unheard / Letter to Jack Layton

Mr. Layton,  My name is Arche Mdis and I live in Montreal Quebec and I have some issues pertaining to the role you have chosen for you and your party to play in parliament. You have decided to keep your … Continue reading

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