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Another Children’s Birthday Party / To Go Or Not To Go That Is The Question

I got a phone call from Liam the day before his party and he could hardly talk, he was so excited about his birthday party. He never mentioned gifts, cake, or ice cream, but what he did mention was that his parents along with his uncles, aunts, grandparents and friends were all coming to the party just to see him. Continue reading

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Jack Layton / A Canadian Who Cared / Dead At 61

I like most of Canadians were so worried about how he was going to pay for things that we did not vote for the only politician that said we had a right to them and that said that he was going to give them to us. It was not Jack Layton’s fault that we could not or would not accept the offer of help it is our own and we missed a chance for change. I hope that my mind, eyes, ears and heart are a little more open the next time.

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Voting To Punish Politicians Will Not Get You Good Govenrment

We vote them in and out of office all too often now because we can not take the lying and the scandals of the political party we are ousting any longer and not because we believe that the in coming … Continue reading

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Words That Go Unheard / Letter To Prime Minister Harper

    Mr. Harper my name is Arche Mdis and I am from Montreal Quebec. I was a little concerned writing this letter because bad things keep happening to people who disagree with you publicly and do not support you blindly.  I … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper / The Man Who Would Be King

    I have decided to say this about our Prime Minister Harper; he is a man who would be king. The prime minister and his party have turned politics into a game of dirty tricks in Canada in an … Continue reading

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