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Is Sergio Garcia Just A Closet Racist Who Accidentally Showed His True Colors?

When the likes of Fuzzy Zoeller and Sergio Garcia can say the things that they said and get away with it, but a black player named Tiger Woods can be almost run out of the game for cheating on his white wife something is really wrong in the world of golf and in the world that accepts this behaviour as normal. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods Drops To 20th In World / Americas Prayers Are Answered

What was normally a matter between husband and wife was made to be seen as a threat to golf, the nation and our children. There were calls made to cancel his sponsorships and the sponsors dropped him. If this is what you feel was right and that he got what he deserved so be it, but I do not agree. Golf is a game of concentration and golf broke his. Take a bow America you have won.
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