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Amir Khadir Sees No Problem With Honouring A Kidnapping, Murdering,Terrorist And Marois’s Silence Speaks Volumes

I think that before the radical extremists on either side get the idea that the government of Quebec is in favor of actions like the ones demonstrated during the October Crisis, are okay to employ right now and may some day get them to be recognised as heroes, that every elected official in this country and in this province must step up to the plate and denounce these fools for what they are and set the record straight that it should be Pierre Laporte that should be honored for his service and remembered as an honorable man, not the terrorist, murdering, coward who strangled him to death. Continue reading

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The FLQ Are Terrorist In My Opinion And So Are Those Who Support Them In Any Fashion

Le Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ), That was founded in 1963. Its goal was to achieve Quebec Independence by resorting to terrorism.

Terrorism is a climate of fear that a political group attempts to in still in a society in order to create insecurity among the general population. These groups systematically use violence.

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