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Archemdis Goes To Day Two Of Student Protest In Montreal

If I were a politician especially Premier Jean Charest and Stephen Harper I think that with over 100,000 potential voters mad enough to come together and protest against something I was responsible for doing, I would be concerned at the political fallout and do something to change things for them. Continue reading

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Montreal’s Anti Police Brutality Protest Turns Violent

What disgraceful behaviour, by a bunch of morons. Smashing windows of innocent shop keepers who have done them no harm and for what? What did they prove, other than the city needs protection from them? Continue reading

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Montreal Police Kill Two Men / One For Littering The Other Was Innocent

An innocent man will not be going to work any more, will not be going home anymore and will not get to live out his dreams, or have a life with his family all because the police had to stop a mentally challenged man from making a mess with garbage, by any means necessary. His children will not have his advice, love and support anymore and for what the need to bring down a charging knife wielding homeless person, with lethal force? Continue reading

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