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What “Je Suis Charlie” Means To Me / Is Racism Ever Really Funny, Or Informative?

I would say to all those who would use the hash tag, hold a poster, or pin the slogan, “Je suis Charlie” on their person, are saying that it is okay to be a racist, to insult another’s religion and God in the name of freedom of expression and free speech. I would say to you that they are no better than the Nazi swastika wearing supporters who show their support for senseless hatred of an entire race of people, simply because they are different, or feel they hate pose a threat to their way of life. Continue reading

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Are Todays Politicians Merely The Shameless Whores Of Corporate Canada?

I believe that the reason our politicians are so out of touch with Canadians is that they do not care, because they have become shameless whores, who have sold themselves to the highest corporate bidder. Continue reading

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What Is The Cost To Be Paid For Giving Up Canadian Soveriegnty For Global Domination?

The concept of a New World Order is nothing new and the result in the end will be no different today then it was yesterday, despite the new weaponry and technological advances being used to subdue whole nations. This new attempt to rule the world by the most powerful of nations is also doomed to fail. Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Be Wrong With Bill C-13?

That this Harper led government chose to play politics and dash the hopes of Canadian children who are one step away from taking their lives; that this government could abandon these children who were desperately counting on the government to keep its promise and do something to end their torment, is unfortunately a death sentence to those children, who were counting on Bill C-13, also known as the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act. Continue reading

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The Canadian Government Through Vic Toews And Luc Portelance Would Like To Thank You For Smiling In Your Neighbor’s Face And Then Sticking A Knife In His Or Her Back

Is this guys life in danger if returned? That is not our problem is the answer from Vic Toews and Luc Portelance ( president of the CBSA), our job is to find them and get them out of Canada. We do not have to even know if there is a basis for the charge we only need the warrant we will let the guy work that out from his homeland. Continue reading

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Can Canada Afford Not To Have A Free Medicare System? How Many Will Die Without It? Does The Harper government Care? Do You?

When the people’s needs of a country are ignored, or deemed not important by the actions of their government, people suffer and die. When we say that only those who can afford it deserve the best medical treatment and medical attention people suffer and die. If the goal of this budget balancing is to provide a better life for all Canadian citizens then it can not begin by killing off the less fortunate of the country with slashes and the out right cutting of medical services and medications. This is murder as efficient and as cruel as a gas chamber, a firing squad, using toxic chemicals, or the bombing of ones own citizens. Continue reading

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Gods, Demi-Gods, Kings And Queens, Lords And Ladies Of Parliament Hill Beware!

We are already waiting in line dangerously long for this type of test, with the new cuts coming from the Harper government how will we the poor be able to afford them in a timely fashion? Will the money saved by the Harper led Conservative, majority government make a difference to the dying, the dead and their families? I think not. Continue reading

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