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Steven Harper Tells Non Conservative Voters, “I Do not Represent You And Could Care Less What You Think”

Now if arrogance can be turned into votes on election day, I think that Steven Harper and his strong, stable, majority, conservative government will do just fine in the next federal election. Continue reading

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Archemdis An Average Canadian Citizen Thinks That The Conservative Government Of Canada Is Just So Wrong!

I liked the Canada that took care of its elderly, sick, homeless and most fragile of people. I liked the Canada that respected the right of it citizens to strike and collectively bargain no matter how inconvenient it was for the country’s economic plan. Continue reading

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World Statesman of The Year Refuses To Speak At The United Nations General Assembly… What A Wasted Opportunity To Be Heard!

I have to ask,”What kind of World Statesman of the Year Award winner is the Prime Minister, that could even think of passing up that kind of opportunity to try and influence the world into doing what he thinks is just and righteous, by refusing to speak at the United Nations General Assembly ?” Continue reading

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Canada Day Okay, But Proud Of What?

I will say it again Canada does not need to be so proud that it has gotten older, but not wiser. We as people have given up the very things that made us special all over the world and yes we do better than most, but is that really good enough? Continue reading

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The World Warns F-35 Jet Deal Free Falling Harper And Conservatives Remain Steadfast Best Deal For Canada

Remembering that Harper and his party refused to allow tenders on this project even though every expert in the field of procurement of this type said that not to was just fool hardy not to do so, is this government trying to give Canadians a false sense of security? I guess they are not liking the taste of their feet in their mouths. Continue reading

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Should The Prime Minister Of Canada Be Trying To Destroy The Liberal Party Of Canada

I think that the good ideas that the Conservative party of Canada have are getting misrepresented by this constant undermining and rewriting of anything that was ever done by the Liberals. I for one would like to think that even if I do not agree with the policies of a government that is running our country that its motivation for doing what it is doing is that it thinks that it is acting in the best interest of the country and therefore me as well and not just out seeking to destroy another political entity at my expense. Continue reading

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Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me

Canada is still one of the best place in the world to live work and raise your children, but this country is regressing at a rapid rate back to where it was not that great a place to live unless you were a White christian. Continue reading

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Jack Layton / A Canadian Who Cared / Dead At 61

I like most of Canadians were so worried about how he was going to pay for things that we did not vote for the only politician that said we had a right to them and that said that he was going to give them to us. It was not Jack Layton’s fault that we could not or would not accept the offer of help it is our own and we missed a chance for change. I hope that my mind, eyes, ears and heart are a little more open the next time.

Continue reading

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Can Canadians Remove A Majority Government By Petition?

On Friday March 25, 2011 the Canadian House of Commons found Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of contempt of Parliament. According to parliamentary law, contempt of parliament is a federal crime. Being that Harper has been found guilty of a crime Harper is barred from seeking re-election on May 2, 2011. So why is this guy still leading the Conservative party and Canada?
Continue reading

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Canadians, Harper Government Looks Good On You!

I listened to the speech from the throne twice just to make sure that I was hearing right and there was nothing in it that surprised me and the direction for Canada is clear and for the next four years the rich will get richer and the poor will continue to suffer and there is no stopping the Prime Minister and his party and it looks good on us, because we as Canadians allowed it to happen Continue reading

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