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Are We An Ignorant People, Slow To Grasp Things, Mentally Incompetent An Unable To Determine What Is Good For Us?

How could we be anything else but a country full of ignorant people, slow to grasp things, mentally incompetent and unable to determine what is good for us, if we just stand by and accept all this as okay as just politics in Canada as usual without putting up the slightest of objections? Continue reading

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F-35 Fighter Jet, Hercules Aircraft Both Acquisitions Prove That Harper Government Incapable Of Governing This Country

Never has a government of Canada intentionally allowed aircraft with faulty parts to be flown by, or transport our men and women in the armed forces when not in an emergency war situation, before this Harper led conservative government. Continue reading

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When We Assume Rather Than Read, Or Listen, We React From Positions Of One Sided Ignorance

What I am getting at is that there is always a minimum of two ways of looking at things and it never hurts to talk things out, but to do so one must look with and open, mind and be prepared to take sound advice when it is heard despite the political party it came from. I am not perfect and I always say out right that my opinions are just that mine and the reader need not feel that they must continue if what they are reading offends them, or they find what I am saying without merit, they need only click off the post. Continue reading

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When the most hated men and women in Canada become the governing political party of the country, who are in power with a majority government , it is never a good thing for the government of the day, the country or the people who hate them. Continue reading

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Does A Good Canadian Really Have To Take On The Traits Of The Three Monkeys?

If one thing is true it is that we the Canadian citizen are allowing our government to do the, cruel thoughtless things that they are doing both at home and abroad without the slightest protest. We have forgotten what is just; what is morally correct and what it is to be a real Canadian. We need to find our way back to what made us who we were as a people not just a government, because what we have allowed ourselves to become is all that is bad in the world. Continue reading

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Harper’s Immigration Law Targets American Women And Other Non Landed Imigrant Mother’s Divorced From Canadian Dead Beat Dads

If the government is capable and willing to separate these mothers from their children, or let it happen, what will they not do and does it matter to them as long as it does not affect the economy negatively?” Continue reading

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Not funny, But An Amusing Story Considering Who The Inquisitors Are And What The Fuss Is All About

With his party members behaviour of late one would think he might have kept his criticism to the point and as low-key as possible, but he just kept calling her ability to do her job in question for taking the trip on tax payer dollars. I can understand his urgency to try and deflect the attention away from his own party’s misdoing, but maybe he should try explaing and these things to Bev Oda and seeing that this repeat offender get he just punishment for doing the same thing. Continue reading

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What Is Steven Harper’s And The Conservative Party Of Canada’s Real Agenda?

I think that the question of this government’s committment to this country and Canadians has been put to the question, because it has none. I think that this government’s integrity has been put in question, because it shows none and has proved itself a liar and a back stabber, with an insatiable thirst for power and glory, that forces it to override and abandon anything and anyone that tries to stand in its way. Continue reading

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Harper Says It Is Never Me / The Liberal’s Made Phone Calls PBO Can’t Count And We Accept The Auditor General’s Recommendations

This government keeps saying that the water that they swim in is pristine and their government is not a polluted river, but fail to explain why dead rotting fish keep ending up on their beach daily. Continue reading

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Catchy Phrases, Empty Words And Meaningless Jargon … The Tools Of A Successful Canadian Government

I think that only a fool is willing to watch his family and love ones die from starvation, the elements and still give monies to a government hell-bent on making the rich richer and the poor dead. Continue reading

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