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Is A Vote For Phillipe Couillard A Vote For A Backstabbing Liar?

Is it better to be a live second-class citizen, or a dead citizen killed by the practices of a backstabbing liar that I voted into office? This is the choice that some of us will have to make if we vote in the Quebec provincial election this October. Why should anyone have to make this choice in a democratic country? Continue reading

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Is Premier Philippe Couillard, Guilty of Manslaughter, And Political Opportunism?

While murder might be hard to prove, I think that the charge of manslaughter could be sought and won. Continue reading

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Lafontaine Park / Free And Open To The Public

This park is accessible by public transit and is in the same area as a host of other well worth sites to see while in Montreal. While in the area visit the many restaurants and speciality shops in the area. … Continue reading

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