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I Believe That The Leaders Of The French Striking Students Never Cared About Tuition Hikes, They Are Pauline Marois Pawns?

What good are low tuitions if you are not attending school? What logical, thinking person seeks to gain rights for themselves, by taking the rights away from someone else? What type of person would use violence to get school tuitions reduced, when they are already the lowest in the country? What type of people would throw large stones and debris on the metro rails hoping to cause and accident and draw attention to their cause and what type of people would support them with donations of any kind? What kind of teachers would allow their unions to support the beating up and the stopping of students who wish to go to school and are they the type of teachers we want teaching our children? I am not in love with Jean Charest, but at least he had the guts to say no to the demands that were without compromise and terrorists actions of the French university students of Quebec, while others like Pauline Marois try to take advantage and gain political points at the expense of Quebecers’ trying to go about life in a non aggressive peaceful manner. I believe that the leaders of the French striking students never cared about tuition hikes and that their real agenda was helping Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois and it separatists followers come to power in Quebec. Continue reading

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