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Dr. Laura Says,"What Did I do Wrong"

              This woman and her fans are not to be believed. Everytime I think that it can not get any worse and that people are starting to see the light, up pops a person like this. All … Continue reading

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, has moved on to new battles, like trying to keep the pornographic pictures of her off of the blog pages of America. People are now trying to show her for the narrow-minded, sanctimonious, two-faced liar that she is. The woman who now that she has enjoyed all of her vices and has grown too old perhaps to participate in them with the same enthusiasm as in the past, now wishes to be remembered as an ultra right conservative christian lady and to this end preaches abstinence from premarital sex, say no to pornography and yes to racial intolerance. Continue reading

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