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Rise / Don’t Hate Just Appreciate (A Video From The Hood By Children And People From The Hood)

This was one of the most touching videos that I have seen in a long time. Please pass out the link after you have watched this video. The people who took part in the making of this video are trying to do something worthwhile and I thing their message is a good one and is in need of each and every one of our support. Great job all of you, you have done yourselves proud and your community a great service and I thank you. Continue reading

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Quebec’s North River Regional Park / All Of The Wonder That Is Nature With All Of Its Raw Power

I would have no problem recommending this as a must do, must see for all of the family park to visit. I could think of no better way to enjoy a walk, see nature and get a little fresh air, than to visit Quebec’s, North River Regional Park. Continue reading

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Running Montreal, Quebec’s, St. Lawrence River Rapids In A Kayak

It is funny you can visit a place a thousand times see and read about the history of a place and when you see something like a kayaker alone near the rapids you forget what you learned and read. I had read a thousand times about the First Nations People of Canada braving the rapids where they could in their canoes, but all this slipped my mind as I watched this man out in the white water with his kayak paddling and going nowhere. Continue reading

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Camp Livingstone And My First Walk With God

It is the story of interacting with a Christian couple who not only talked about God, but lived a godly life and showed me they were normal and just like me and my family except that they had God in their lives and that I could have God in my life too. I will never forget Mr. and Mrs. Carter for instilling in me that once you accepted the lord as your saviour he would never let you go and so I returned to where I first found God and had asked him to save my life.
Continue reading

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Has The Art Of Compromise Made Us Just Birds In Gilded Cages?

Does this syndrome begin with the word compromise and its implied meaning? From an early age we are taught to compromise, or to set aside what we really want for the good of another, or to make a deal giving up some of what we want while giving up enough of it to make the other person happy. Continue reading

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Begging As A Profession In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The beggar you see on the highway ramps with their signs saying how hungry they are and they are just trying to get back home are supplementing their welfare check, or unemployment insurance with the money you give them each day … Continue reading

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Beware Of This Gray Haired Balding Mercedes Driving Man, He Likes To Intimidate Women Drivers In Montreal

I would like to warn all Montreal drivers and pedestrians of a manic, lunatic driver that is running around Montreal. He is an absolute crazy man and I am not joking. Continue reading

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