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When The Love I Had To Offer Was Just Not Enough

As Christmas approaches and I begin the proces of transforming my house for the holidays, I hope for the phone call, the e-mail, or the text message of apology and sadly know that it will not come, because there is something broken in her that I do not know how to fix and that she does not even feel that is broke, or in need of fixing. Continue reading

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Archemdis Looks Back At His Life To Date And Wonders What If?

I gorged where others starved and never got full; I remained empty inside. Eating, but never tasting; having sex, but never making love; standing in a crowded room, but feeling alone; living the street life and strutting around proud as a peacock outside, but ashamed secretly inside” Continue reading

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Telling Your Child You Never Loved Them

Oh moms will go to court and fight for custody out of a sense of doing what is right or they feel obligated to do so, or want to look right to their family, friends and the rest of society, but it is not a burden of love. It is at this point that the mom thinks that the child owes them for their sacrifice and when the child is not suitably grateful they deem the child selfish and we see the story of my daughter and her mom come into play. Continue reading

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Stealing Children To Hurt Spouse Could Make Spouse The Hero And You The Bad Guy

Do yourself a favor if you are planning to steal a child in this manner, Please, just do not do it. Instead of trying to make the other look bad, do things that make you look good. Make special memories of your own so that when you are talking to your child you do not have to say the other parent was a loser, but can remember that you were not and the great memories that you share with your child. Continue reading

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Do You Have The Right To Your Own Private Space In A Relationship?

I think that we need to be honest in what we are looking for in a relationship and then go after the person who displays those qualities for which we are searching and stop hoping that the qualities we do not see will some how mysteriously appear later on in the relationship. Continue reading

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Has The Art Of Compromise Made Us Just Birds In Gilded Cages?

Does this syndrome begin with the word compromise and its implied meaning? From an early age we are taught to compromise, or to set aside what we really want for the good of another, or to make a deal giving up some of what we want while giving up enough of it to make the other person happy. Continue reading

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Puppy Love, Reconnecting, Facebook And Divorce

Facebook  certainly gets the blame for a lot of things these days, the latest being the increase in the divorce rate. It would appear that the honeymoon is over between Facebook and its users.  As more and more people get connected, … Continue reading

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