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Archemdis Looks Back At His Life To Date And Wonders What If?

I gorged where others starved and never got full; I remained empty inside. Eating, but never tasting; having sex, but never making love; standing in a crowded room, but feeling alone; living the street life and strutting around proud as a peacock outside, but ashamed secretly inside” Continue reading

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Honor Killing / Can We Say Not Here When Religious And Cultural Beliefs Are Used As A Defense For Murder?

I lay no claim to knowing why and what makes honor killing okay in the minds of some Muslims, who believe and carry through with this ideology and to be quite honest I do not really care why, I just want it to stop. This is one issue where I can not be swayed and will not tolerate any excuses. Child abuse and murder is just so wrong no matter by what authority, or by what reason the adult gives themselves as entitlement; I know this from personal experience. Continue reading

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Thinking Sad Before Thinking Glad / The Memories Of An Abused Child

The biggest killer of innocent children is willful ignorance. The ability of the government to ignore what it knows to be true so as not to embarrass the nations good name. Continue reading

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I Am Thankful For All For That God Has Given Me And My Family

I am thankful that I got s second chance to get my life together, get out of the crime scene and be a good father to my children and a good grandparent. I am so thankful that over the years I have been able to support my family friends and loved ones both emotionally and financially. Continue reading

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I Will Have To Take Your Camera Says Welcome Hall Mission Volunteer

I understand the right to privacy, but places like the Welcome Hall Mission need to understand that they are part of a large community and what they do in their place, their building affects the whole neighbourhood. If these men are indeed ex-cons as I know a lot of them are and they are getting help there that is all good, but this kind of sanctioned heavy-handed treatment of people does not dot The Welcome Hall Mission, or the people they are trying to help any good. Continue reading

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Take A Walk With Me And Share My Solitude, Heart And Thoughts

When I walk in the parks and old parts of cities I am transported to that time in my mind and could remain their forever, because it is these places that I find my solitude and get to recharge my being, my soul and clear my head of things that need to be said. I know that this is not possible and so I return after an hour, I return and do and write what I know in my heart need to be said and done, because doing the right thing and making sure the right thing is done is not just your problem, or their problem, it is everyone’s problem and responsibility. I have put a group of slides and a few words from me so that you can share with me my quiet walks and also share in my concerns for people and why I can never stay safely in my places of solitude and peace and neither can any of you.

Continue reading

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Sailing By My Own Moral Compass Means Taking Responsibility For My Actions, But That Is Who I am

I would rather be wrong and have to start all over again a thousand times then be led down the wrong path by a corrupt government official, or a  sinful clergyman. The creator in his infinite wisdom gave us ears to … Continue reading

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