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Moving Beyond the Indian Act Not On The Table For Harper And The Government Of Canada

We as Canadians have been sold on the idea from the Canadian government that doing the right thing morally and legally is something we do not have to do if in the end it does not get us the result that we seek and that somehow with the passage of time the truth somehow will change and what was once illegal will become legal, what was once and immoral act will somehow become morally right and what was once unjustifiable will somehow with the passage of time justify itself. Continue reading

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Canada’s Parliamentary Secretaries To The Ministers Proving To Be As Arrogant And Smug As Their Bosses

There is a dangerous pattern developing and has been developing in the last five years of the Harper led government to be arrogant, condescending and plainly non transparent when it comes to the sharing of official information on how and why it is doing things. The pat answers that have become their speciality show their contempt for parliament, the laws of this country and the people of Canada. Continue reading

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Nothing For First Nations People, The Metis, Or The Inuit Of Canada Except Empty Promises

We have forcefully taken away from this people all that they were and have altered all that they knew so that they can no longer return to their simple way of living, but deny them to this very day the tools like a guaranteed education, clean drinking water, decent housing and some of the land that was promised to them by countless governments of all political stripes. Continue reading

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