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Thomas Mulcair / Leader Of The Official Opposition / Leader of The Federal NDP, Or Political CEO For Hire?

How do we as Canadians trust these politicians especially those with prime ministerial ambitions if they will represent any party that agrees to give them power, positions, titles and money, like what Thomas Mulcair has in my opinion made a career out of doing? Continue reading

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Thank The Good Lord This Saint John The Baptist Day Is Finally Over!

When the leaders of the three most powerful federal parties in Canada are willing to see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing about the loss of rights of Quebec’s non francophone Canadian citizens guaranteed to them and to all Canadians under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution, but instead choose to hand out food at BBQs and give campaign speeches aimed at getting votes rather attempting to change bad governmental policies, I know why and how Quebec thinks that it can get away with all that it is doing to its non francophone population. Continue reading

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Tom Mulcair, The Man Lurking Behind The Beard

Tom Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic of Canada, head of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons and who is willing to sell his soul and those of all Canadians to become the next prime minister of Canada. Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why I Feel That Stephen Harper Does Not Like Barrack Obama

I believe Stephen Harper’s only differences when compared to Hitler is that he has a lust for spilling Muslim blood, instead of Jewish blood and that he is not as honest in stating his purposes. Continue reading

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Revealing My True Self To You And My Feelings About Canada And The Harper Government

I abhor the killing of innocent people for any reason, by anyone, be they an established recognised nation, a people seeking to become a nation, or religious cult. Continue reading

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Stephen Harper Has Made Canada Look Like Those Regimes He Claims Are Non Democratic, Barbaric And Blood Thirsty, With No Respect For Human Rights And Freedoms

No matter their station, be they king, sheikh, president, prime minister, imam, ayatollah, priest, rabbi, as long as they can justify the brutal and heartless slaughter of the unarmed innocent as a reasonable cost to be paid in order to convert the minority populations of their country, or the people of sovereign nations by force to their political, religious, philosophical, or ideological beliefs, no matter how many they have to make die, that they are murders without honor. Continue reading

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If It Waddles Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck And Looks Like A Duck, It Is Safe To Believe That It Is A Duck

I believe that it is people like CBC’s analysts Tasha, Jonathan and Jay, politicians like Conservative Party of Canada John Williamson for New Brunswick and Larry Miller for -Grey-Owen Sound and the prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper that should feel guilty for every Muslim woman that is harassed and feels threatened when she goes out in public, because they are all guilty of creating, or supporting an environment in which racist ideals, laws, language and actions flourish. Continue reading

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