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Stand Up! Stop Allowing Canada To Be Bullied!

Sometimes you must look a bully in the face and say, “Do your worst, but this stops here and now.” Continue reading

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Canada Can’t Change Its Bad Behavior Or Make Things Better, While Espousing Revisionist History and Engaging in Hypocrisy

Canada could be all that it its citizens and leaders imagine it to be, but all its people would have to stop lying to themselves and the rest of the world.  Canadian leaders boast falsely to its citizens and those … Continue reading

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When Is Enough-Enough In a Nation to Nation Friendship?

Donald Trump has brought clarity as far as the American position as it pertains to trade, defense and partnership. Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau, “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting”

Why is Donald Trump, a self-admitted violator of women, entitled to what seems like community service from Trudeau in 2017? (Their joint initiative to empower women) Justin Trudeau is not and has never been a feminist, in my humble opinion. Continue reading

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What Are The Great Values That Canadian Politicians Rave About?

In Canada we have cowardly politicians the likes of Rona Ambrose and Brad Wall hiding among our brave politicians. These cowards are too afraid for their own safety after Paris to do the right thing, or secretly think that the risk is too great to Canada’s security/safety to help save some Muslim refugees. This type of cowardice is infectious and is spreading like cancer attacking more and more political leaders across Canada as the original cowards leap at every opportunity which presents itself to stoke the fires of uncertainty and fear among Canadians. Continue reading

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Are Todays Politicians Merely The Shameless Whores Of Corporate Canada?

I believe that the reason our politicians are so out of touch with Canadians is that they do not care, because they have become shameless whores, who have sold themselves to the highest corporate bidder. Continue reading

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It Is Hard For Canadian Soldiers To Fight A War Abroad When Our Government Is The Enemy Within

Sending unprepared troops who will be forced to use refurbished equipment, who are worrying about what happens to their life and families if they get hurt or killed in the service of their country is not a recipe for victory, but one of impending disaster. Continue reading

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When A Community Loses An Irreplaceable Institution Of Hope Like The Negro Community Center The Whole Community Loses More Than Just A Building

It is a shame that the local governments have come to the conclusion that these institutional pillars of the community are obsolete and can be replaced by sports centers strategically place throughout communities. Continue reading

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The Only Enemy Within Our Ranks Is The Harper Government

As Master Cpl. Martin Pitre put it, “I feel like I’m being thrown to the garbage, pretty much,” said Pitre. “I shouldn’t have to pay money to move back home.” Continue reading

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Yes I Have Something To Say About The 300 School Girls Abducted In Nigeria

That nobody is taking action, because 300 black African school girls have gone missing does not surprise me one bit, because even in the 3rd millennium girls and women’s rights are not considered all that important and certainly not considered worth risking the loss of diplomatic ties over, jeopardizing valuable trade deals over and most definitely not worth going to war over. Continue reading

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