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After Day Two Student Protest Takes A Non Productive, Negative Turn

A march, a protest is only as good as the public and official support it can muster. It must grow and the ideas and ideals become accepted by as many people from as diversified group of people as possible to succeed, but succeeding can never be your ultimate goal, because one does not always win, not always on time for themselves, because change always comes slow and sometimes is not realized for generations after many protests, or the protesters emerge out of the struggle as the leaders of a new age and time until their ideals and ideas for a better life are challenged. This has always been the way of change and it always will. Continue reading

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Lisa Raitt Says, The Harper Government Will Tolerate No More Strikes In Canada, Because They Are Bad For The Economy

I think it is time to strike for the freedom to negotiate working conditions; strike for democracy and strike for a right to be heard by our government. Continue reading

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