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Did Susan Clarke Ask Businesses In Her Riding To Police Themselves?

I suggest that Susan Clarke and the rest of the city counselors and mayors turn their attention and political will to the city’s more immediate priorities that have killed innocent Montreal travelers and are still fatal accidents waiting to happen and to this cities failing infrastructure like poor drainage, rotten old water mains and increasing the number of police on the force so that they can do their job and protect the citizens of the city of Montreal. Continue reading

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Take A Walk With Me And Share My Solitude, Heart And Thoughts

When I walk in the parks and old parts of cities I am transported to that time in my mind and could remain their forever, because it is these places that I find my solitude and get to recharge my being, my soul and clear my head of things that need to be said. I know that this is not possible and so I return after an hour, I return and do and write what I know in my heart need to be said and done, because doing the right thing and making sure the right thing is done is not just your problem, or their problem, it is everyone’s problem and responsibility. I have put a group of slides and a few words from me so that you can share with me my quiet walks and also share in my concerns for people and why I can never stay safely in my places of solitude and peace and neither can any of you.

Continue reading

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