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From An Abused Child To You / B.C. Girl’s Suicide Begs Answer To The Question, At Whose Feet Do We Lay The Blame For These Tragedies?

Children who take their own lives are trying to tell us something and we are just not listening and so they keep on doing it hoping that their deaths will finally get us as parents to hear them. They are telling us that they have no where left to turn, they do not have the tools to survive and find life no longer worthwhile living. They are telling us that we as parents, as a society, as governments and institutions of higher learning that we have failed them and to please stop pointing fingers at each other and do something before another child finds life too much to bear without the tools he or she needs to survive in this crazy world we keep sending them into day after day. Continue reading

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After Day Two Student Protest Takes A Non Productive, Negative Turn

A march, a protest is only as good as the public and official support it can muster. It must grow and the ideas and ideals become accepted by as many people from as diversified group of people as possible to succeed, but succeeding can never be your ultimate goal, because one does not always win, not always on time for themselves, because change always comes slow and sometimes is not realized for generations after many protests, or the protesters emerge out of the struggle as the leaders of a new age and time until their ideals and ideas for a better life are challenged. This has always been the way of change and it always will. Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be A Teenager And It Always Has Been So But It Does Not Have To Ruin Your Life

when I looked around the years had passed me by, the urgency of the cause was gone and I was just another uneducated black guy, with no job prospects, with a baby and girlfriend to support at 19 years old. Going back to school was not an option and so dreams of being a doctor, lawyer and even owning a store went out the window, along with me ever reaching my true potential. Continue reading

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Male Or Female, Consensual Or Not, Adults Having Sex With Minor Children Is Rape In Canada, Or Is It?

Oh we have safe the children this and save the children that, but what has actually been accomplished by the political will of a single Prime Minister to make the lives of children and women safer? Continue reading

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I Will Have To Take Your Camera Says Welcome Hall Mission Volunteer

I understand the right to privacy, but places like the Welcome Hall Mission need to understand that they are part of a large community and what they do in their place, their building affects the whole neighbourhood. If these men are indeed ex-cons as I know a lot of them are and they are getting help there that is all good, but this kind of sanctioned heavy-handed treatment of people does not dot The Welcome Hall Mission, or the people they are trying to help any good. Continue reading

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The Last Correspondence With Mrs. Reynolds

Correspondence with Mrs. Mary Reynolds Ms. Irini Margetis, over   my granddaughter’s bullying and prejudicial remarks and comments from her teacher’s while she was attending Royal West Academy, (Mrs. Mary Reynolds, the principal of the school responding)  went as a follows. I received … Continue reading

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All Good Schools Are Not All Good For Your Children

The little snobs and bigots of today will become the big ones of tomorrow and the never-ending circle of mistrust, prejudice and bigotry will continue. The children who are humiliated, made to feel less and have to flee because they are different, will pass their experiences on to their children and the war of differences will continue, they will grow up thinking you are the enemy and their prejudice towards you will continue. Continue reading

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