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What Will It Take?

What will it take for the people of the United States of America and their allies to understand that the words terrorist and terrorism are words used by their politicians to install fear in their own populations. A fear that will … Continue reading

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What Will It Take To Stop The Senseless Deaths Of So Many Innocent People And End The Terrorist Attacks By Both Sides?

Where I stand and what I believe can be found I’m the words and thoughts of Diane Foley the mother of journalist James Foley who was beheaded by “Jihadi John,” in 2014 in Syria. I think that peace will come when more people and government leaders begin to think like her and her son. Continue reading

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Except For The Weapons They Utilise I See No Difference Between Islam And Christianity, The Western Alliance And ISIS

I see little difference between what the Western Alliance is doing and what ISIS, is doing. I see the same old war, being fought over the same reasons, with both sides trying to claim the high moral ground as the death toll of the innocent caught in the middle continues to escalate. Continue reading

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Will New Bill Fight Terrorism, Or Is It Just More Harper / Canada Boot Licking

The USA treats Canada as though it were a threat to its borders and the Canadian citizen as terrorist in disguise and I think in light of their present and never-ending threats on everything from national defence to business and to travel we need to remove their friendly neighbour status and stop looking at them as a friendly ally. Continue reading

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Does The Political Make Up Of Quebec Support Terrorists And Terrorism, As Long As They Are Both Home Grown?

I would suggest that these protesters, turned terrorists face terrorist charges and all that this statement implies until this protest is brought back under control and conducted once again in a legal manner and the senseless acts of terror against the citizens of Montreal and Quebec cease and desist. Continue reading

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When We Live By The Sword / Before And After 9/11

We have mistrust, hatred, bigotry and a dislike for anything Muslim never before seen in America as a constant reminder of 9/11. We have places like Guantanamo Bay to remind us of 9/11. We have a failing world economy to remind us of 9/11. We have probing of the genital area searches and intrusive x-rays to remind us of 9/11, so why do we need to a ground zero to remind us of the price that was paid in blood and tears for not only the USA, but for all of the world, but especially the Islamic, Muslim world?
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Perimiter Security Agreement Means Less Privacy For Canadians

I think I would rather live with the possibility of another 9/11 then live with no rights under the law waiting for an attack that may never come and that even the Secretary of the Homeland Security Department, Janet Nopolitano says is not likely to happen.

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