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Justin Trudeau Was Ready To Offer Hope Instead Of Fear, Gloom And Despair

Justin Trudeau’s, “Sunny Ways”, I can only hope prove themselves more than just empty words. I truly hope that his promises of a more caring, transparent, inclusive, government are true, because this is not only what Canadians want and deserve, but is what they need to feel they can once again be proud and trusting of their country and their government, both domestically and internationally. Continue reading

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Crybaby Thomas Mulcair Complains On National Television That Justin Will Not Play With Him

Thomas Mulcair says that he is willing to do anything in his power to defeat Stephen Harper, but admits that Justin Trudeau is willing to work with the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper if he is no longer the leader of the NDP. I am wondering why no one has asked Thomas Mulcair if Stephen Harper’s defeat depended on him stepping down and leaving the NDP, would he do it? Continue reading

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Let it be Stephen, Or Even Thomas, But Not Justin Pleads Canadian News

Is it the job of the news media to report the news as it happens, or is it the job of the news to pick for the Canadian voter who is a worthy candidate to run for political office and who is not? I believe it is the first choice, report the facts impartially about each candidate and let the Canadian voters decide for themselves who they want to vote for. Continue reading

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Thomas Mulcair / Leader Of The Official Opposition / Leader of The Federal NDP, Or Political CEO For Hire?

How do we as Canadians trust these politicians especially those with prime ministerial ambitions if they will represent any party that agrees to give them power, positions, titles and money, like what Thomas Mulcair has in my opinion made a career out of doing? Continue reading

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Old Stale Thinking Versus New Fresh Thinking Canada Now Has A Choice

What about Justin Trudeau officially removing the Liberal Senators from the Liberal Party of Canada caucus that made him the object and the subject of such ridicule, such sarcasm and so much laughter and prompted the usually polite and non-partisan Elizabeth May to stifle her laughter coquettishly in her hand and join in on the childish spectacle instigated by the Prime Minister in a deliberate attempt to bully and intimidate Justin Trudeau? Continue reading

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His Royal Highness Stephen Harper The First Of Canada Extends Vacation For His Court (Royal)

With his decision to prorogue parliament for a record-breaking 4th time and to keep parliament from sitting while writing his throne speech, his Royal Highness Stephen Harper The First Of Canada extends vacation for his court(royal), but not to his subjects (The average working stiffs in Canada); in fact they have to work longer before being able to retire, by his royal command. Continue reading

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As The Dust Settles In Quebec Politicians Rhetoric Rises

French youths cursing people for speaking English in public as though speaking English is against the law and English killing French to send a message; is this what Quebec is all about? Is this the glorious country that Pauline Marois seeks to give birth to, or is this killing that we now see, an acceptable sacrifice to achieve Pauline Marois’s and her followers desire for an independent Quebec? Continue reading

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Do We Know Who We Are Voting For, Or Are Canadians Making Ill Informed Decisions

What was expected of a politician like to serve the people, to be honest, trust worthy and law-abiding has been reversed and all that Canadians expect from their politicians is the worst and so when they act poorly it ceases to matter as Canadians say so what they are politicians and they are all the same. Continue reading

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