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This Is Not Happening In The Ukraine / This Is Happening In Canada!

I find it amazing that this country and its government would dare to try and protect the right to protest in a foreign country while advocating in its own that it is not a fundamental right to protest in its own, but a privilege. Continue reading

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Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone At Mayor Ford

The Star in my opinion has decided that they do not care what the rules are concerning the mayor’s rights to remain in office, or whether their approach to getting him removed is legal, ethical, or in violation of his rights under Canadian law. Continue reading

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Mayor Rob Ford Innocent Until Proved Guilty, So Where Is The Tape?

How could a news paper run a story without having the tape or a copy of it in their possession? Continue reading

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Will New Bill Fight Terrorism, Or Is It Just More Harper / Canada Boot Licking

The USA treats Canada as though it were a threat to its borders and the Canadian citizen as terrorist in disguise and I think in light of their present and never-ending threats on everything from national defence to business and to travel we need to remove their friendly neighbour status and stop looking at them as a friendly ally. Continue reading

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Over Ten Days After Snow Storm Some Island Of Montreal Streets Still Without Sidewalks / Officials In Charge Happy With Progress

The city officials giving interviews seem to think that everything was handled just fine and everything is going as well as can be expected. Making me believe that every time there is a substantial snow fall we will be getting the same type of service in the same ill thought out way. Continue reading

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The Gang Violence In Toronto Is No Shock To Me

I was there on the street and I would have killed someone to eat, to feel safe, but I would have killed someone for respect more than anything else, because this is what we are taught means you are in control, have power and leads to success and success is measured on what we acquire in life cars, clothes, houses, jewelry, boats and rich food; success unfortunately is not measured in how hard you work, the effort you put in, to giving back, or how much help others; success is measured in how much you have that you do not need or require while others struggle to get just a fraction of what you have to just get through the day. Continue reading

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Goodbye Occupy Protests Of The World And Goodbye To Democracy And Our Right To Protest

A crowd of people stood watching in silence not really showing any emotion and I thought to myself how sad. I wondered were there any post office workers among them, or maybe some Air Canada employees in the crowd? Striking is just another form of protesting people and if you stood there thinking how right the government was shutting this protest down it is with the same reasoning and lack of respect for democracy that they shut down your strike, your protest as well. Continue reading

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Occupying Wall Streets All Over The World / A Protest For Equality For All

This small grass-roots movement that had everyone laughing at it just a short time ago, has the potential to bring down governments who refuse to change all over this planet. The beautiful thing about an elected government is that we the people hold the power to its survival. Continue reading

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Is Having An Elected Government In Canada All It Takes To Make Canada A Democratic Country?

I think that the Candian Government does not have any fo the right to do any of the above mentinoned non democratic things above and that all of the excuses that are being made about national security and us being to stupid to understand the intricacies of politics, the economy and generally what is good for us, is just rubbish. I for one feel left out of what the government says it is doing on my behalf and have so for many years and at all levels of government, by all political parties. Continue reading

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A Visit To Kingston In The Summertime

From the Costco where I bought my new video camera to the people in the ice cream, parlour and the lady who sold me the paintings I would like to say what a delight you are, how courteous you are and how easy you made it for a person like me to spend a day in your city. I would encourage all who like to travel to spend at the very least one day in Kingston Ontario Continue reading

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