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Crimean Parliament Chooses Russia Over Ukraine And Western Alliance Says Not Legal?

Stephen Harper and John Baird seem to have forgotten that these little guys sometimes have big friends and allies that are not so easily intimidated with threats of sanctions, embargos and the possible threat of military intervention and are powerful enough to take retaliatory actions of their own. Continue reading

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Russia Puts Troops On The Ground And The West Saber- Rattles

It would seem that Canada through Stephen Harper and John Baird have taken the people of Ukraine out of the frying pan of fragile peace with Russia and independence as a nation and thrown all Ukrainians into the fire of loss of freedom through military intervention by Russia, over a refused trade deal with the European Union. I fear the Ukraine and its people will need more that just cheap talk, sabre-rattling to get Russia to pull out of their country! Continue reading

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Canadian Government Okay With Ukrainian Protestors Throwing Molotov Cocktails During Protest

I would suggest that the First Nations of this country might feel that they have been pushed too far for far too long now by consecutive governments over the years that refuse to hear them, honor their treaties and agreements and keep them living in 3rd world conditions. Continue reading

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This Is Not Happening In The Ukraine / This Is Happening In Canada!

I find it amazing that this country and its government would dare to try and protect the right to protest in a foreign country while advocating in its own that it is not a fundamental right to protest in its own, but a privilege. Continue reading

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Words That Go Unheard / Letter To Prime Minister Harper

    Mr. Harper my name is Arche Mdis and I am from Montreal Quebec. I was a little concerned writing this letter because bad things keep happening to people who disagree with you publicly and do not support you blindly.  I … Continue reading

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