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Why Are Canadians Young And Old Using Violence To Solve Their Problems?

I think that it is an unreasonable assumption and an unreasonable demand that a government who rejects diplomacy and promotes violence when settling its problems would expect it’s population not to do the same. I contend that Canadians young and old are using violence to settle more and more of their disputes on a regular basis, because they are following the lead of their government. Continue reading

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What Next for Hockey / To Check Or Not Check

What is going on with hockey and its fans? If I were a hockey player right about now I would be stopping all of the checking that you turn coat fans like to see, but when a player gets hurt … Continue reading

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The Facebook Wars

Is technology bad or is it just the way people use it? Guns do not kill people do. All I know is that progress to me has not brought about the better life. People go to bed hungry, are forced to sleep in the street because of poverty and our medical system with all of it’s gadgets claims it needs to charge now to see patients for what used to be free. Kids are using the computer for all kinds of wrong things and dying because of it. Have we really progressed or have we just metamorphosized into a heartless machine? Continue reading

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