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Everything Is Once Again Reverting To Black And White Instead Of Right And Wrong

Instead of discussing the law and how it was being interpreted by the citizens and the police, or how it was being applied by the justice system and the implications that the stand your ground law was having on that society as a whole, each side in their separate camps, neither talking to the other stared posting racially motivated and one-sided posters. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Is A Necessity / Sectarianism Is A Death Sentence

Perhaps it is time for our very existence to come to an end as some have predicted is close at hand. When we as species are too slow, too dull-witted and so unable to adapt that we find it impossible to grasp the simple concept of equality and justice for all in all things, how long will it be until we wipe ourselves off the face of the earth through violent acts designed and committed to prove our superiority and dominance anyway. Continue reading

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What Makes You A Racist In Canada / Is It A Crime To be One / How Do We End It?

My mother once told me, ” Son try to make a friend out of an enemy. If you do this your once enemy will forever be your friend. If you do him the same wrong, or worse he will forever be your enemy and the two of you will gain nothing.” Continue reading

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, has moved on to new battles, like trying to keep the pornographic pictures of her off of the blog pages of America. People are now trying to show her for the narrow-minded, sanctimonious, two-faced liar that she is. The woman who now that she has enjoyed all of her vices and has grown too old perhaps to participate in them with the same enthusiasm as in the past, now wishes to be remembered as an ultra right conservative christian lady and to this end preaches abstinence from premarital sex, say no to pornography and yes to racial intolerance. Continue reading

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Are You A Closet Bigot or A New Age Person?

I have been with both rich and poor and the deciding factor when I chose to be with a woman, always came back to her character; her honesty and a willingness to share of herself with me.
Continue reading

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